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Instruction for custom wetsuit measurement

  • TORSO LENGTH This should be a straight line from the bottom of the shirt collar to crotch level. (see diagram on chart).

  • CHEST OR BUST The lungs are relaxed and arms at the sides. Measure around back, under arm and across nipple. Tape should be firm.

  • WAIST Measure around body between rib cage and hip bone; not necessarily at trouser level.

  • HIPS This measurement should be taken around the hip bone.

  • SEAT Measurement should be taken around seat at widest part. Tape should be pulled in firmly for this measurement.

  • UPPER BICEP Around arm at armpit level when arm is by your side. Straight around DO NOT pull tape up onto top of arm near shoulder point.

  • ELBOW Around elbow at widest point when arm is by your side.

  • FOREARM Around arm at forearm muscle.

  • WRIST Around wrist bone.

  • ACROSS SHOULDERS From Shoulder Seem to Shoulder Seem following contour of back

  • CENTRE BACK TO WRIST From spine bone at the centre of the back, horizontal to wrist bone when arm is stretched out.

  • SHOULDERS TO WAIST Measured from the back. From the top of the shoulder straight down to where the waist was measured. DO NOT FOLLOW CONTOUR OF BODY.

  • THIGH Measure around the leg at highest point of crotch. Hold tape firm and DO NOT PULL TAPE TO UNDERWEAR LEVEL.

  • ANKLE TO KNEE Is measured from the centre of the knee straight down to ankle bone.

  • ANKLE TO WAIST Is measured from waist point straight down OUTSIDE OF BODY TO ANKLE BONE.

  • ANKLE TO CROTCH Is measured INSIDE LEG at highest point of crotch straight down to ankle bone.

  • ABOVE KNEE Measured at finished Iength (leg length) on short leg suits and 4 inches above knee cap for suits with long or 3/4 leg suits.

  • INSIDE LEG LENGTH For short and 3/4 leg suits. Measure from highest point in crotch, down the inside leg to the level where the suit is to finish.


This is only a guide and the fit of the suit will only be as good as the measurement given. No responsibility will be taken for suits that don't fit correctly due to incorrect measurements.


All repairs need to be seen before a quote will be given, please bring your broken bits to the workshop or contact me.

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