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Welcome to DC Water Skis, where you will find all your water ski racing product needs from world championship winning skis to race harness, wetsuits, ropes and accessories. Ski Racing is always changing, so DC ensures that through technology, research and development his equipment will be used by novices right through to World Champions.

Current World Champions Anne Procter (womens F1), Tania Teelow (womens F2) and Trudi Stout (junior girls) all have one thing in common, other than their well earned titles, they use DC Racing Skis and Bindings

Chris Stout (mens F2) and Jaaron Fritz (junior boys) both got their world titles in New Zealand '07 on the lastest model DC Racing Skis and BindingsTodd Haig

Todd Haig ('05 World Champion) has won more Catalina Island races, than anyone, in a row and has a firm grip on the record......which I believe will be under 50 minutes very soon.

Todd Haig has also been unbeatale in the toughest and roughest race in the world.....the famous or infamous Diamond Race in Begium and all done and won on the our DC Racing Ski and Bindings

All DC Racing Skis and Accessories are tried and tested in all sort of water conditions and different levels of skiers so that we can have a much better idea of what people need to go racing